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Out of a worldwide population well over 7 billion people, nearly 6.5 billion individuals have access to a cell phone. But only 4.5 billion individuals have access to toilets! While clearly the marketplace forces behind cellular phones are considerably stronger compared to forces behind toilets, it does raise a fascinating discussion about personalized cell phone cases.

It all started with consumer demand for cell phone accessories. Initially the emphasis was on developing sturdy, functional covers that will protect the usually expensive investment that's a smart phone. But what led to the feverish demand for personalized cellular phone cases?

As with most products that provide supplementary value to a more functional, valuable product, consumers want to maximize the impact of their additional purchases. So while the simple protection offered by a traditional accessory is useful, it clearly wasn't offering as much as personalized cell phone cases could.

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When everyone around you has either exactly the same phone, or an extremely similar one, there comes a need for differentiation. And while it isn't possible to have manufacturers produce objects of wildly different shapes and sizes, personalized cellular handset covers are conveniently found.

Before the smart phone revolution everyone had different phones. Some had red covers, some had white covers and every once in a while, a telephone had a camera. The differentiation of a consumer's making decisions had to be replaced by personalized cellular handset cases.

Because when every single phone has got the processing power a space shuttle in the 60s, personalized mobile phone cases can define what makes your mini super computer yours. They may say no two iPhones are identical, but they certainly look it before they're unlocked.

But of course simply differentiating between two phones is only serve half the purpose of personalized cell phone cases. The other half being, obviously, the platform personalized cellular handset cases provide a user with for self-expression and storytelling.

If you're the new guy within an office and also you aren't quite sure how to break the ice, it might help if the rest of your team instantly were built with a sense of your look, your interests and your personality. And that is where personalized cellular handset cases begin to offer users a lot more than the high quality protection and functionality they're noted for.

Whether it's a favorite team, a significantly loved show or perhaps a unique design, the creation and discovery of interesting art makes for great individuality. So when it can be used as decorative protection in the way personalized mobile phone cases could be, then the added value is enormous.

Indeed, the storyline of personalized cell phone cases is indicative of a market trend that's plain for all to see. While we haven't defined an industry for accessible toilets, the mass profusion of cell phones and the incredible number of accessories that go with them indicate that why is a product valuable for consumers, is the chance to really define that product in a manner that makes it unique to every consumer.

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