Samsung Galaxy S4 Versus Apple iPhone 5

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Versatile Enough

Galaxy S4 has the most recent version of Android which is relatively better and customizable OS than Apple's iOS. Above and beyond, making calls and downloading apps, S4 allows you to remotely control your Samsung TV.

Better Camera Software

Besides high software quality, Samsung Galaxy S4 has a big 13 MP camera, in contrast to iPhone 5 that has an 8 MP camera. The camera of S4 has so many software features, making it easier to take pictures and edit them easily. Pictures taken from S4 will stand out because of their features allowing you to remove unnecessary things from a photo and Share Shot, allowing you to synchronize your buddies' Galaxy S phones together to share photos. Software aside, the Galaxy S 4 packs a whopping 13 megapixel camera, compared to the 8 megapixel camera of iPhone 5.

More Memory

Galaxy S4 consists of 2GB RAM, allowing you run more apps all together, use more tabs in your browser while enhancing the overall efficiency and quickness of the smartphone. Whereas, iPhone 5 has only 1GB RAM.

Sharper Screen

Galaxy S4 is made with an HD Super AMOLED screen with an impressive resolution of 1920�1080 at 441 pixels per inch. While, iPhone 5 Retina Display eject an astounding 1136�640-pixel resolution at 326 pixels per inch. phone 5 fiyati

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